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In this days market there are so many plans available, and options to choose from but it's important to design a plan specifically for you and your family.We believe that if you understand your options you will then be able to make a better decision.

We want to help you find the right coverage for you and your family. No matter what your situation may be, we can find a health plan that fits both your budget and needs. Shop hundreds of quotes from different insurance agencies right here on!

Here are what types of health plans are available.


Affordable Care Act plans

ACA plans are typically design for individuals or families that have severe medical conditions or are ongoing medical treatment. A.C.A. typically tends to be the most expensive plan due to its no pre existing ryders. Keep in mind currently there are still govt subsidies being applied for those households that a lower income.


No-Pr-existing Clause*                                  Limited Network*

Guaranteed Acceptance*                              Free Wellness Exam*

Possible Govt Assistance*                            Can Be expensive if you don't Qualify. 

 ACA Quotes

Short Term Medical

STM plans are one of the more popular plans available in today's market. You must qualify for the plan and these are usually more for people that have little to no medical conditions. If You qualify your usually going to get the most affordable major medical coverage available. Plans run from 90-364 days.


Pr-existing Clause*                                   Larger PPO Network*

90/364 day depending on region *    Lower Copay and deductibles*

Must Qualify/ Results in mins*           Most Affordable Major Medical Policy*


Indemnity Plans/ Cash Plans

Cash plans are built for people that don't qualify for any Stm. or Govt. assistance. These plans are strictly designed to pay a scheduled dollar amount toward your bills. Its very Important to understand that Indemnity plans are  not insurance or made to replace your insurance.


Pr-existing Clause*                                   Larger PPO Network*

Not Insurance*                                           Lower monthly premium*

More Out of Pocket*                                 No Qualification Process*